Fadi el chamaa - b. 1960, Beirut. Plasticien. Working in Baabdat, Mount Lebanon


Perhaps reality hasn’t yet appeared to anyone. (Kirilov)

Identity does not belong to a nation, religion or culture. In a connected world, where information and choices are in a perpetual flow, ‘who I am’ is forever shifting. It is mercurial and unrealistic to define. My search for identity is ultimately leading to the discovery of a universal self; one that is connected, scattered and dissatisfied.  (f. elchamaa)



b. 1960, Beirut. Self-taught. Working in Baabdat, Mount Lebanon

Fadi El Chamaa is a visual artist, known for his arresting color combinations, his spontaneous strokes and the simplicity of his subject matter. Combining a playful nature with diverse technical skills, Fadi creates emotionally charged processes for each series of work. His idiosyncratic work draws the viewer into an intuitive reality. Fadi sees beauty in the darkest of places showcasing dichotomies in his view of life.


Deviations – Galleria Soul Egypt – solo

elchamaa vs khawam – Rochane Gallery Beirut Lebanon

Utopian Identity – Gallerie 59 –  Rivoli – Paris-  France

Auction exhibit for AEC Beirut Lebabnon – Sculpture


Strange Fruits – Wood Of Joy – Baabdat Lebanon


Mapping Soul – Gallerie 59 –  Rivoli – Paris-  France


Transformations – Installation – Joanna Seikali Gallery – Lebanon Solo


Drawings and paintings – Rochan Gallery – Beirut Lebanon


Salon d’automne – Sursock Museum


Flowers on the floor – Installation – Forum Art Show – Beirut Lebanon

Salon d’automne Sursock Museum – Beirut – Lebanon

Barzeh Art Gallery – Mount Lebanon – Lebanon



2016 elchamaa is Looking For Faces in Spaces Article in AlHayat pan Arab newspaper 

2016 elchamaa vs khawam Divergence and coherence Article in L’orient Le Jour Lebanese newspaper
Deviations – Egypt 2016

elchamaa vs khawam – Beirut 2016

Transformations 2011 – Orient le jour

Transformations 2011 – Daily star

Deco magasine feature

Noun full article 1996